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Summer itself makes us sweat like we are in a sauna all day long. Then there are also days where I especially long for that good burn. Though I am never a regular at my Zumba classes but I always make sure to do my stretches followed by power yoga & jogging on alternate days. Sometimes I am up early all geared up for my jog at carters while other times I just use the excuse “don’t have enough time”. Either giving it a miss or catching up for a late night burn post dinner with a gap of 2 hours at least. The recent realization was that I couldn’t keep up a constant pace & it really isn’t a good sign to get short of breath in the first 15 minutes of jogging (Face Palm).

Hence, I recently decided to dedicate an hour everyday religiously for my jogs / power yoga Or Zumba. It goes without saying that Sundays are an off without feeling guilty!!! 🙂

I have never been a workout freak and can never even be one. But yes, I need to get my stamina and strength back and not huff & puff within the first 10 mins. Plus during the week, most of our office jobs have us spending 90% of our time in front of the computer sitting and doesn’t allow us to do much walking around. Hence the least we could do is take the stairs or walk it up to the work place if your lucky enough to stay nearby. For the rest of us, we need to spend a dedicated time everyday for at least four to five days in a week to stay healthy & fit from the outside & the inside. Best part is the peaceful slumber post that burn!!!! Nothing beats that.

So my workout schedule follows something like this –

  • Early morning stretches for 15 mins
  • Followed by an hour of jogging and brisk walking
  • Alternate days power yoga & zumba
  • Which also includes upper body workout (Small weights for toned hands and a little more strength too, In progress right now… Stick to it Shifa, Stick to it!!!! There’s light at the end of the tunnel!!)

Here’s my workout essential, I am a Nike Girl. Comfort being the key since it is of utmost importance. I am seen sporting a black Nike T-shirt from the special Dry – Fit collection which has a breathable back with a T-shaped net lining to it. Extremely comfy & apt for your workout especially in summers. They come in some cool colours too.


My strechy Nike three fourths are also of Nike Dry-Fit collection. They are called “Relay Print Running Capris”. These leggings have been specially made for cardio workouts. Yayy! This is not only a smooth stretchy material but it doesn’t cling to your body, plus the biggest USP for me personally is you don’t feel sweaty & sticky in it. Its very light. I shall admit, the eye-catchy animal print was an added factor for me. Other than what I am wearing here are some other cool prints form the same collection. Check it out :

My jogging shoes also are of Nike which has a slightly flatter base than the other shoes which are rounded at the rear end of the shoes.


Okay so I pick Nike every single time over the other brands for my sheer love for its products because they have won me over with their combination of style and comfort. So you ladies can pick out the brand, which takes care of all your needs.

Self motivate yourself; that should be your only reason to workout. We don’t need to work out for a hot bod or a washboard tummy, no way! We need to workout to stay healthy, plus this is a great stress buster, you sleep well, it’s a way of staying away from diseases, it’s self-discipline, you gain strength, feel more fitter & stronger, plus a toned body is an added advantage isn’t it?? Hehehe 😉

Also make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep along with a healthy diet which involves doing simple things like eating small portions of meals 6 times a day, having minimum of 10-12 glasses of water & staying away from junk food is the key. Once in awhile we all are allowed to cheat & do some binge eating. Another tip – try & replace sugar with jaggery and avoid eating rice with roti in one meal, pick one. Also to put an end to your sweet urges, you can chose 1-2 dates Or dark chocolate bar, over an entire chocolate pack. Another of my grand ma’s trick is to soak 6 almonds over night & to eat first thing in the morning, they are immensely power packed with benefits for your skin, hair & overall health. They also are an excellent dose of anti-oxidants.

For all of us who aren’t blessed naturally with the lean body, we can easily achieve that curvy yet fit body by taking care of few small things. Discipline & determination is the key! So, here’s to another milestone achieved and here’s to sticking by it. So kill it in the workout too ladies!!!! The results will make you keep loyal to it!!



Photography by – Salman Merchant


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