REAL, FIERCE & SASSY… Mumbai to New York!!

Olaa my Sassy Fam!! Grab a cuppa, as today’s post is one of those pouring my heart out posts along with loads of international fashion scoop all the way from New York. So you guys were already aware of my USA trip which kick-started from New York and I am so thrilled to bring for you detailed blogs from New York Fashion Week 2018 which will follow soon! But today’s article is super special. It is one of those never done before, fit to be called a work of art and I am super thrilled this happened and the best part, I get to share it with you all. My first ever International collaboration with a fierce, strong and as real as it can get woman, Jess the founder and blogger of @Lady_Blaga went from blog collab to friendship forever concreted with cement of pure love, admiration and respect. I remember the first time we ever interacted in person, in Ludlow Hotel, NYC, her hugs were so full of warmth and 3 sentences later I told her she’s my “Soul Sister”. Isn’t it nice once in a while to meet a woman, a female who connects and uplifts you in a way you never knew was possible?? Not surprising such strong women standing by each other’s side means, make way for the two tigresses ready to restore their thrones and this was exactly that!! You say two women and two thrones not possible?? I say, try letting another female be your mirrored self and then see the difference and no need to go hunting for her my love, as your vibes will bring her to you!! Trust me, since some special friendships take time!

Has it ever happened to you before that you set out on a work journey knowing what it’s gonna be about but you come out thinking why I didn’t get to know this person before as the vibes you share is a rare connection. From pouring our hearts out to each other to getting to know the real woman behind the blog and sharing common passions of life, style and the “Blog”, Jess indeed is my “bashert” (a Jewish word that translates to divine destiny or soul mate). What drew me to her were these two amazingly weaved articles (Tweedy Bird & Jewel Toned Jewess can be found on that showcased different styles but also gave me as a reader a peek into her life and where she is at currently. It isn’t easy to say things as is without causing many to flinch and it is even more difficult to have the courage to be both free and strong. I can proudly say that Jess is not your usual girl next door, instead she is exactly how Marilyn Monroe said it – “Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” One with galaxies in her eyes, no wonder she is one of the most sought-after female bloggers from NYC and both Salman & I are ga-ga over our own Lady Blaga. Plus I love her multi-talented personality of a blogger, creator, DJ and an exceptional mum.

Along with her innovative and creative eclectic style, she also covers a wide range of topics on her blog, right from food, music and inspire segment which I connect with the most.  So when Lady Blaga met Sassy Shif Says, here is the aftermath in a good sexy way!! 😉

Firstly, we decided to bring for you all our take on our personal styles inspired by our diverse cultures, love for colours, cuts and silhouettes and the trends that we like to revive, coz who wants to play it safe right ladies? For this look, I decided to opt for this 3-piece lehenga set which consists of a self-printed lehenga, a contrasting bustier and an asymmetrical cape which has handmade work of tassels and heart-shaped mirrors. Shout-out to one of my favourite Indian designers, Shezeen Hyder for coming up with such a kick-ass fusion wear outfit where she combined our Indian prints with the silhouettes to the western elements of cape draped in chiffon fabric. I felt like a boho Princess that day and imagine my lady B, was wearing something which you would usually find me in. Such connections I tell you.

Let’s pause for a moment to appreciate the deep wine colour of this amazing suit-pant combo combined with a contrasting green printed shirt for a dreamy yet chic vibe styled by Jess. We decided to take this a step further and bring for you all a classic NYC twist by simply adding the latest hottest trends in fashion to or looks through the jackets. I choose the metallic jacket and look how quickly I went from glam to runway glam in a jiffy.

For the 2nd look, I opted for a Monochrome Calvin Klein dress that has gathers on one side and teamed it up with this another trendy bomber that combines two biggest trends (quilted bomber + metallic prints) this season. This was my take on ‘colour meets monochrome’ print keeping in mind the cold cold NYC weather back then. Threw in some feathered earrings by Ayesha Accessories and my Bear Paw boots, not to forget the NYC cap I picked up from the street for just $3 came handy. My personal style is all about less is more and making the most by mixing and matching from the vintage pieces from our wardrobe that your own already and this is where our style sensibilities collided with Jess too. I absolutely loved Jess’s pick for the season too. Her fashion is so relatable to me personally.

Hope you guys like our Mumbai to NYC trend files as much as we loved styling these and putting together stories of Real, Fierce & Sassy Ladies through us for your eyes only. Big shout out to Jess for being such a sweetheart and allowing me to raid her closet as the jackets you see me in belong to her. <3

Styling stories mixed with some pure, raw heartfelt emotions is what keeps me going. I don’t want to think of a day when I style myself for the heck of it or in a rush, no way!! It has to tell my story and these two stories of Mumbai to New York are bigger than anything else. Be back in a hot NYC minute ladies. Bye from the both of us!!!

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