Our Favourite Quirky Winter Accessories From Mango People

Winter is finally approaching and we are geared up for it but we are also excited to take our favourite “Winter Accessories” with us on our trips as well. Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat already know about my endless trips from last four months and visiting cold places like Kerala have made me realize to always carry 2-3 of my favourite winter accessories along that are easy to carry and also makes me feel at home. That is exactly why I decided to bring for you guys my top 2 current favourite winter accessories from The Mango People that are being packed along for my trips as well.

I came across Mango People website last month and I was so impressed with their range of products. They have listed so many quirky accessories and they are the best when it comes to stylish travel gear, home décor and so many other accessories too. So after browsing through their website for some time, I knew exactly what I wanted to pick for myself. Since I travel a lot and I feel cold more than others for some strange reason I was looking at some blankets. Even on flights, you’ll see me with hooded jackets or a stole wrapped around me since my hands and feet get cold very quickly.

So when I spotted this beautiful pink “Mermaid Plain Tail Blanket” I knew this is what I needed in my life all along. This soft knitted cashmere blanket comes with an opening at the back which makes this ideal to snuggle in be it at home while watching movies and even while traveling. I usually just pull this over my legs and give myself some head turner sea legs on the go. 😛 So many travelers have walked up to me to inquire about this unique Mermaid Blanket. It keeps me warm and I love the variety of patterns and colors it comes in. It comes as no surprise to me that the pink one is sold out, but you can check out this mint green option here

Go give yourself those fins you always dreamed of my mermaids!

My 2nd quirky accessory are these super soft “Shark Plush Slippers” from The Mango People

These fit me so snugly and one size fits all. It’s like putting your feet in the shark mouth and it looks so quirky and cute! Plus, the specially stuffed shark tail protects those toes from banging into furniture. I carried both of these accessories with me to our recent Shola Crown Resort, Kerala trip and boy are these perfect for the cold weather!! One hot cuppa and you are sorted in these stylishly comfy winter accessories.

Until Next Time Stunners!!

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  1. Love the mermaid blanket…. definitely need to buy that…

  2. Loved the mermaid blanket….. Definitely gonna buy it.

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