We women actually don’t need any one particular day to make our presence felt or to be treated special. Yes, we run our homes & the world, grabbing what life throws at us by the balls and making the best of it. We are not hesitant to admit we are the best that you could ever have!!!

Today on International Women’s Day, I would like to salute each & every woman who is managing the perfect balance between family & work, between aspirations, dreams & the reality of life be it big or small. I have looked up to my mother right from a very young age & have always admired her for the independence & empowerment, which she bestowed upon us. She had this little fire inside her which in turn made her a woman of substance who is the epitome of always giving her best to both worlds for the family & for her work. I hope I am able to soar high with these wings, you have given me MOM!!!! & I am pretty sure she’s smiling reading this right now.

On one side I take so much pride & feel so happy about the independent & strong women of this country but my heart has an outburst of anger & condemnation for the mentality of some men in our society. I wish I hadn’t seen the documentary – India’s Daughter, which shamelessly showed the rapists, talk without any remorse. It’s a sad reality check for us, as we live in a society where doing such a heinous crime is no big deal. It disgusts me to know the fact that such men even exist & its high time we are vocal about it. I can only pray to God to give strength to the parents of Nirbhaya may they get the will power to carry on in their life ahead. I can not even begin to imagine their pain.

Today is a day to celebrate women and so I am so proud to talk about an association with a special lady who is a fellow entrepreneur, a dream chaser, a fighter & has a passion to mold her dreams into reality. So I present to you – Pankita Vora, the Owner of “BOGA – Be In Style!!” which is your answer to all the accessory hunts for finding the right ones at a very reasonable price. Trust me, this fusion & amazing mix of contemporary style & rich designs is going to give you the opportunity to get the latest trendy runway look with such affordable prices that you have to visit her page to believe it.

I truly love & respect such independent, fiery women & it gives me immense joy from within to know them & talk about their initiatives, which have been made by putting their whole heart into it. “BOGA” is a live example of this!. You can visit her official pages :

FB LINK :- https://www.facebook.com/pages/BOGA-be-in-style/754093798001825

INSTAGRAM LINK :-https://instagram.com/boga.beinstyle/

Have a look for yourself & you’ll know what I am talking about, as she has an eye for detail & is a trendsetter in her own way. You girls will be seeing a lot of my reviews on fashion with an added touch from “BOGA” accessories specially keeping up with all that’s hot & in vogue!!!

Yayyy!!!! Here’s to more girl POWER!!!!

On this lazy Sunday which falls on Woman’s Day, I decided to keep my look simple & comfy with wearing what makes me happy!! Starting with one sided waves for the face frame leading to a side plat. I have thrown together a grey bleached slim fit jeans with a dark blue top with a long lacy netted shrug with hints of silver design on it. This is my ideal outfit for that quiet brunch with your man followed by a movie date. This is all me being ME!!! Choosing comfort & simplicity topped with the only statement accessories which are a necessity & are required in this season – A Tote Bag to hold all your essentials of the day & the round cut reflective Sunglasses which not only gives me a quick fix from the less or barely any make-up look but also shield my eyes from the sun. Just the touch of these glasses can add loads of oomph to the whole simple look which you are donning & make you that irresistible DIVA to dazzle!!! The sunglasses which I am wearing are of “BOGA” brand which are very chic, comfortable, classy & have an edgy finish. You can check out for yourselves from the official page. They are available in many cuts & colours suiting to your face. The pair also comes with a special handmade case with some bling to it. This is unbelievably priced at Rs. 1,200/- only. Go grab them ladies!!

The Black Tote bag, which I am flaunting here, is one master piece of most essential & worth your buy accessory. Not only is it of a premium & soft leather but it has a semi-bag zipped pouch inside with a separate sling belt which can be used as altogether different sling bag as well. Depending on your mood, you can choose to shuffle between the two. You can see me carrying the bag separately here. It will come to your rescue right from the college wear to your office or to your parties. And guess what it has been priced very reasonably at Rs. 2,750/- only which is a complete loot.

You can have a detailed look at the options available & select the colour which brings out your personality the best. The tote bag is available in varied funky colours.

6F 5F 4F 3F 2F Cover 1F

Here are the official links to follow & buy the products from BOGA :

FB LINK :- https://www.facebook.com/pages/BOGA-be-in-style/754093798001825

INSTAGRAM LINK :-https://instagram.com/boga.beinstyle/

You gals have fun & pamper yourselves, we all deserve it..& don’t forget to stay tuned into my website for more fashion updates & tips from me!! 🙂

My Look :

Black Tote Bag – BOGA

Blue Sunglasses – BOGA

Slim Fit Bleach wash jeans – Zara

Black shrug – Bandra Local Boutique

Top – United Colors Of Benetton

Hey Check out some Celebrities who rocked the Tote Bags and Round glasses.


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