Our Family Getaway To Lodha Belmondo

Lodha Belmondo

So Salman and I had heard about the most luxurious and grand second home options available at Lodha Belmondo, which is by far one of the most prestigious projects in the country. Last weekend we got the opportunity to hop into our car and take off on the Pune expressway to see it for ourselves. All this started when mom spoke about finding serene and peaceful second home options which are not too far from our city Mumbai.

It roughly took us 2 hours to reach Lodha Belmondo, which is situated bang opposite the MCA Cricket Stadium, on the Pune highway and it is so easy to reach because it is an easy straight drive and google maps makes it even more easy. This property has its own grand entry which leads you right to the Club House where we met up with the staff and they gave us a tour of the property. My first impression about this luxurious second home option was just WOW!!! Firstly because Lodha Belmondo is as closest you can get to nature and away from the entire hustle bustle of city life.

It is situated alongside the Pavana River, which has its own 1 km long promenade and seating area for you to just relax and unwind with your loved ones. If you love fishing or boating, then all you need to do is make one call for the booking and that too will be arranged for you. There’s magic in that air, you smell the fresh mud, the rustling of the leaves against the wind and don’t forget to soak in the soothing breeze alongside the green river bank. My family and I are smitten with the Lodha Belmondo Property. It was truly love at first sight.

This is how they have spread across their spaces – 90 acres of just open area with greenery all around, which means there is plenty of space for your kids to play around. 45 acres is the most talked about Greg Norman Golf Course which has the turf imported from the USA and this is only one of two Greg Norman Golf Courses in the country currently.

The Designer Club House that we started from is spread over 50,000 sq. ft. which, has a high-tech gym with equipment that meets the Olympic standards, World Class Evason Spa by Six Senses and it also has all the facilities for the indoor games like carom, table tennis, foosball, etc. The Clubhouse also houses a huge private theater with super comfy seats and we were taken through an AV that gives you a detailed overview of this mesmerizing property.

The pool comes with its own Jacuzzi that faces the golf course and trust me, the entire experience is surreal. The Ground Floor also has a Healthy Juice Bar where you can drop by after your games/activities like swimming or cycling. My mum & I loved the cycling area which is located around the huge golf course and it is actually like cycling outside India, the open spaces, modern design and cool weather made the experience so unique. The cycling promenade made me feel as if I am in the by-lanes of a Parisian city. The look & feel of this property is that of a top class International property which huge open spaces, greenery all around and amazing views.

The Ground Floor also has your locker room facilities and a Kids Den which has separate rooms divided for your kids depending on their age-groups. Right from an adventurous tree climbing room to a napping room under the star like lights, drawing room and a gaming room, they have covered everything that your little one would need to learn and play.

We also went to visit their luxurious Duplex Villa and Apartment that was ready fully furnished as a sample Villa & Flats.

It has all elements right from furnishing to the high ceilings to the outdoor open area that cater to every wish of ours with scenic views and world class amenities.

Be it their apartments or the villas, two things that remain constant are open green spaces & the River flowing by.

Lodha Belmondo is the ultimate dream second home that encompasses both luxury and nature!!! It is truly MAGICAL.

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