Ever Thought Instant Noodles Could Be Unhealthy??

Instant Noodles have always been my safe goto place from a young age. Whether I have had a bad day at school or college or a fight with a friend, instant noodles somehow always cheered me up. The fact that they can be cooked instantly and they are tasty, made them an everyday affair for the longest time now. But since last few years, I have been talking to many nutritionists that are friends who happened to bring to my notice the health hazards that follow the “instant noodles” snacking trend. When I heard about instant noodles being deep-fried, I was shocked. I mean shocked to my core. The reason I have hated chips or stayed away from all the deep fried snacks was suddenly completely meaningless. Imagine for all the times when you and me both have put in our body something in the name of “instant noodles” that are deep-fried, had maida and then are packaged. This has to be one of the unhealthiest eating habits that we all have been used to. I cannot believe once on my Mussoorie trip, I ordered instant noodles instead of soup and then I wondered about why didn’t my infection settle down. Imagine, my mind automatically craved instant noodles on being sick. Had I known about the repercussions, I would have made completely different eating choices. Many of you like me who weren’t aware of instant noodles being deep-fried, will from now on be more cautious. Don’t you wish we knew this sooner?

The first thing that crossed my mind was, why couldn’t I get such tasty and healthy snacking options as a kid or while growing up. I guess we all are so busy in our lives that we hardly pay attention to what really matters. They say, your health makes it and breaks it for you and boy that is true and how. Imagine one day being in bed with the flu or viral and our body gives up right? We continue with our lives and chase those dreams every day by working so hard and it is all possible because our body allows us to by being always ready to take on challenges. But how many times do we really pause to worry about are we eating right, what is the difference between an over intake of empty calories through instant noodles and actual physical well-being through food?? Have you thought about this?? I hadn’t and I recently pondered about the healthy options of eating right and its importance since we are what we eat and trust me, this makes up for more than 70% of your well-being overall. It is really time people to wake up and realize that easy snacking like instant noodles, is a mental comfort food, not a body comfort food. We need to stress over what’s important for our bodies and that eventually will affect our overall well-being.

Now I ponder over whyyyy didn’t I know this fact earlier!! I mean, if I start counting back the number of times I had instant noodles on sick days or otherwise, I will lose the count of the number of calories I have gained which could have been so easily avoided. Instant noodles are bad, very bad for our health because firstly they are packed with fat and empty calories and secondly try reading up about their nutritional value, it is almost next to nothing. Now, why would we prefer stuffing our faces with something, which is instant to cook, yet it is for a fact going to take a toll on our health, right??

So what do we do after we learn something like this?? We make smart and easy shifts in our eating habits and I did just that. I love whole-wheat snacks or oats since they are so healthy. So here’s what my snacking consists of now after putting some thought into it. My mom introduced me to Saffola’s healthy and nutrition packed snacking options in the form of their Masala Oats. They taste so good, are made using whole grain oats and are high in fiber.

Saffola Masala Oats is a complete healthier snacking option but you know what, it is one of the tastiest and yummiest flavors I have ever had and this can be made in just 3 minutes. I love all their variants – Chinese, Italian or Classic Masala. Instant noodles have caused enough harm all our lives, at least now when we are aware, let us try our best towards staying fit and leading a healthy life by making responsible tweaks in our day-to-day routine.

This is the tasty way to stay fit with Saffola Masala Oats. Check out their website for more info – https://www.fitfoodie.in/saffola-masala-oats/

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