ELF Cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow Set Review

Elf cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow

I got my hands on the all-new Elf Cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow Set, which comes in a transparent packaging so that you can see the shades clearly. The package consists of 4 duo eyeshadows and 1 eyeshadow brush cum brightening eyeliner. I feel this is an interesting set to own since you can play with a lot of combinations or just choose to go ahead with these plain single colour eye shadows for your looks. Have a look at the different looks I tried to create for you all while playing with these duo eyeshadow combination palettes.

Elf cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow

Here is what I think of “ Elf cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow Set” :

What I loved About It :

  • The texture is so smooth and easy to work with.
  • These eyeshadows with a primer as base lasted for a minimum of 5 hours before they started to fade out which is pretty good.
  • It won’t crease on your eyes as the texture is crease resistant.
  • I like the fact that it comes with a two in one Eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner combo.
  • Like all the brushes of Elf Cosmetics, this brush too is super soft and is perfect to blend in these eyeshadows.

Elf cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow

  • The eyeliner is jet-black, bold and log lasting. It won’t smudge easily and you won’t have to tug at it.
  • These matt eyeshadows have a slight hint of shimmer to it and you can achieve your everyday looks to party make-ups easily with the 4 duo eye shadows.

Elf cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow

  • This set is ideal to achieve smokey eyes look with shimmer just as you see in the picture.
  • This set is pretty easy on your pocket considering it being an International Luxury make-up brand.
  • I like the shades they cover, right from golden to copper, pinks to browns, peachy and mauve tones.

Elf cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow

  • All the shades are super pigmented and have a great colour payoff so please be careful of how much product you take on your brush. You need just a tiny amount.

What I Didn’t Like :

  • There is fallout with all of these eyeshadows, which I didn’t expect at all from Elf Cosmetics. You have to actually tap off the excess atleast 3-4 times to ensure you don’t smear your face with it.
  • Since all the eyeshadows have a hint of shimmer to it, I cannot wear these if I want a complete shine free matt finish.
  • The texture is smooth but a bit too much powdery if I compare it to the eyeshadows by MAC or MOA.
  • I wish just like how the eyeliner has a cap, the eyeshadow brush on the other end too had a cap covering it. Without a cover it becomes difficult to keep it clean and dust free.
  • I think there should have been at least one duo eyeshadow combination that covered basic lighter shades like white or tan brown.
  • It is a TASK to get hold of Elf Cosmetics products easily in India and the shipping charges are too high. Best way would be to ask a friend who’s travelling from the states to get one for you.

Elf cosmetics 5 Piece Eyeshadow

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