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With 30 days of fasting, we bid Ramadan goodbye yesterday, as we celebrated Eid-Ul-Fitr with our loved ones and some traditional home cooked Sheer kurma and Biryani to keep us company. Ramadan is a month to remember all the pain and suffering that exists in this world, to be grateful for what you have and also give back in any way you wish to. Having said that, we fast for a month and also work like we usually do on all days, at times stretch ourselves more than we are supposed to. So it was time to unwind and relax, finally on Eid. Especially when our favourite place in town, Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency was ready to serve the most memorable and authentic Eid Specials with their buffets.

Have a look at this culinary tale of Eid Specials that take you to the bylanes of Lucknow, Hyderabad and Delhi :

Fresh Pomegranate & Orange Juice –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 1

We ordered some fresh juice to start with as we spoke to Chef Siddhesh about the exquisite Eid Spacials that were going to be served to us.

Fresh Fruits Falooda –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 6

Falooda is one Eid Special delicacy that is also a part of our Iftaaris during Ramadan too. Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency makes sure that the falooda was served with a twist. The chef had added slices of fresh fruits and further mixed it up with the puree too. A completely different and a fresh take on the regular falooda that we are used to.

Dahi Ke Kebabs –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 4

A Delhi speciality that just melts in your mouth. The coating consists of rice batter that gives the kebab a very smooth finish from the top.

Tawa Fish –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 7

Fresh fish marinated in red masalas and tawa fried was every fish lovers favourite. I liked it so much, that I couldn’t help myself but ask for a second helping. Clearly one of my favourites from the night.

Paneer Tikka –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 2

A veg delight made from scratch at the kitchen of Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency. One of the best authentic Eid Specials starter.

Yakni Shorba –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 9

A super light soup that builds your appetite for the third course! A dash of lemon brings out the flavours of this soup.

Seekh Kebabs –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 8

Ground lamb is seasoned with fresh mint and cilantro, and ginger and green chili paste and then barbequed for a perfect seekh kebab. Best enjoyed with naan but I prefer with a stuffed onion kulcha. The best part about this dish is that it can be enjoyed both as starters and as main course.

Gobhi Musallam –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 10

Musallam is a mughal word, which means whole, and this dish means a whole Gobi (cauliflower). Gobhi Musallam dish has the whole Cauliflower marinated at first and then cooked with spicy gravy. This is an exotic Eid dish that also breaks the monotony.

Kheema Kaleji –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 11

This dish reminded me of our Mohammed Ali iftaar trips when I was small. Less oily and traditionally cooked.

Dal Malai –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 13

Another Awadhi style dish that is served with fresh malai on top. Goes well with your kulchas, naans or can be enjoyed with freshly steamed rice too.

Nalli Nihaari –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 12

A feast that you can’t have enough of! This is a slow cooked curry with meat of lamb with marrow bones and made on charcoal fire. Hands down, this dish cannot be missed out on.

Lagan Ka Murg –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 15

This is an authentic Hyderabadi chicken dish for the main course that is cooked in roasted nuts and dry fruits.

Awadhi Biryani –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 16

A special Awadhi Eid delight that is cooked in low flame and no Eid celebrations can ever be complete without a heavy course of some masaledaar chicken biryani.

Shahi Tukda –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 19

Anyone who knows me knows the tales of how I used to swap my sweet dish with my siblings for a piece of shahi tukda. I am a big fan of Shahi Tukda and Glasshouse had made this dish to perfection.

Anjeer Rolls –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 17

Another good option for those of you who love dry-fruit sweets. These anjeer rolls were actually very light and not too sweet compared to other anjeer sweets.

Shahi Malpua –

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 18

I had this for the first time ever at Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency. This is merger of Malpua and the shahi tukda, minus the tukda. The Malpua was soft & crunchy both and is best enjoyed when hot.

Sheer Kurma

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 20

By the time we reached the final dessert item in our dinner we were completely full. Then they bring out the Sheer Kurma and well lets just say no special Eid dinner can be complete without this little sweet dish. Within minutes it was gone 🙂 as I just couldn’t resist that little bowl of goodness. The perfect way to end the meal.

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency 22

The Eid Specials at Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency is an experience you cannot miss out on.

This Sunday they also have a special brunch coming up and those of you, who wish to book it online, hurry as they have some special discounts in store.

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