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Few days back, you guys saw two of my most favourite looks from Design One exhibition curated only by Shades Of India. Shades of India, is internationally known as one of India’s most creative textile companies. Led by Mandeep Nagi (Design Director) and David Housego (former UK journalist), the brand combines contemporary design with the inspiring workmanship of traditional craft. The uniqueness of its style lies in the texturing of fabrics, the coordination and contrasting of colors, and the inventive, unexpected use of surface treatment.

1 Shades of India

Their cotton crushed ghagracholi look along with the habutal silk look as a second option gave me such a grand vibe. You can again glance through my looks here. I’ve decided to divide their exhibition store, home décor and furnishing options into this article so that you can glance through my absolute favorites and also get a detailed peek into their hot sellers.

2 Shades of India

3 Shades of India

7 Shades of India

Starting with this humongous chandelier, which had dangling tassels all the way down. I could so imagine this placed right amidst a huge pathway leading to another big hall. One thing you can be certain with respect to the home décor from Shades Of India, is their vast availability of colour palette.11 Shades of India

Talking about a coffee or tea break anyone?? Look no further as your coffee set ups or sofa sets can be fully redone just by adding the right pillows that have work done with such intricate detailing. As you can see in the pictures, Shades of India has pillow casings, which are 100% cotton and they are available right from mirror work, to tar work to thread work and even zari for that matter. A contrast of digitally printed, textured, patchwork with tie-dye and sequined cushions can simply beautify your spaces.

4 Shades of India

Talking about accessories and potli bags which can be used an efficient means of grocery or retail shopping too, since other than fashionable bags, they also have big potli like bags, which are multi purpose.

12 Shades of India

8 Shades of India

The company is acclaimed internationally for originality and inventiveness of its designs and has won various awards at major international trade shows including the best product awards at shows in Paris and New York. Mandeep Nagi, Design Director, has thrice won the Elle Decor Design Award in India for fabric.

Here’s what the design director, Mandeep Nagi had to say about her special collection – “Habutal silk is a pure 100% silk which comes from China and the story behind this special collection is to bring to the women something which is gentle, soft and pure. The embellishments are also very minimal and they are not over bearing at all yet it gives you a very grand festive look at the same time. The cut of these cholis are a traditional cut from Rajasthan and the idea behind this is that every women should just celebrate and enjoy their body shape and at the same time flaunt it too! The main USP of Shades Of India are the various and large colour palettes which are European shades which bring a fresh take on Indian collections.”

10 Shades of India

The Company launches new Home collections twice a year with a range that includes curtains, bed covers, cushions, bed linen, table linen and napkin ties. All these are designed, sampled and made in-house. It has its own specialized interiors and hospitality divisions working on residential projects and hotels

This exquisitely handcrafted napkin tie adds a touch of grace to the dining experience. The mix match of patch work, tie dye, kantha& digital print cushions together with bed cover in hand kantha with pleats adds elegance to the room décor.

9 Shades of India

Building on its international reputation, Shades of India established its own first stand-alone retail store in the Meharchand Market in New Delhi in 2012. It has already become an iconic shopping destination and covers Shades of India’s full range of apparel, fashion and home accessories and home furnishings. Shades of India now sell through over 20 outlets in India including through Good Earth stores and the Jaypore on-line site.

Shades of India works with large international retail groups as well as develops its own collections and works on making your home interiors a heavenly abode!

So here is to Shades of India Collection

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