The First Edition Of Culinary Trails At Hyatt Regency Mumbai

Culinary Trails

Dining at Hyatt Regency is always a complete experience of luxury and the recipes dished out by their Chefs are always the center of any conversation. This time around Hyatt Regency Mumbai invited us for a special preview dining experience for the First Edition of their Culinary Trails which kick starts from 22nd April onwards. We got to experience the traditional flavours of Assam through a special menu curated for us by Chef Gopi who is an executive chef at Hyatt Regency and Gitika Saikia who is known for her authentic slow cooked Eastern cuisine.

We were introduced to their beautiful journey when they got together to whip up some regional cuisines starting with the Assamese Cuisine which can be experienced by you all too on Saturday, 22nd April which also happens to be the Assamese New Year (Rongali Bihu). The regional Bihu cuisine can now be experienced with your loved ones, which starts the Culinary Trails at Hyatt Regency. I personally think this gesture is a great step towards appreciating the efforts the home chefs put in preparing meals from scratch. Plus, you will be surprised to see how many home chefs are so well trained when it comes to giving you a taste of different regions of our country, starting with Assam. This is a great way to highlight the rich culinary tales of our country. We were welcomed with a “Gamocha” also called as “Bihuwaan” which is an essential part of the Bihu festival in Assam and it also stands in sync with their unique identity.

The 22nd April lunch will be an extensive one with almost all possible dishes covered in it. Here are the dishes we got to taste that were specially made by Chef Gopi and Gitika Saikia.

Appetizers :

Neem Leaf Fritters – Those of you who don’t know this, every Assamese family has atleast 1 bitter dish as a part of their meal.
Pumpkin Fritters – You are going to love this dish even if you don’t like pumpkin. Can be used as a perfect chai-time snack too.

Main Course : All the Assamese meals are easy to make, they consist of very select few herbs and are slow cooked. The idea is to put everything in one pot and let it cook as they go out on work.

Aloo Til Pitika (Potato & black sesame mash with a dash of mustard oil)
Murgi Masala Paat (Chicken cooked with potato & herbs)
Noroxinhoh Dali Bor (Lentil Dumplings in curry leaves gravy)
Panch Phoran Dail (Lentils with cherry tomatoes & five spice accompaniment)

Plain Rice, Bhut Jolokia Nohoru (one of the spiciest chilly you will ever taste) & Jolphai Asaar (Indian olives pickle sweet and sour)

In Assam they are not that big on having desserts post a meal, but for us Gitika had specially prepared Ghila Pitha Aru Loskora which are rice cakes and coconut laddoos made using jiggery. I loved both the rice cake and the soft laddoos which will just melts in your mouth with the first bite.

Learn a little bit more about this wonderful concept below:

Make the most of the Assamese Culinary Trails at Hyatt Regency, which is ONLY ON 22ND APRIL 2017, over a lunch. Book your seats now!!!

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