Cheryl’s SensiNzyme Treatment For Sensitive Skin

After almost a month of going through my first treatment with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, I was all set for my second appointment. For those of you who have missed out on my SensiGlow Treatment with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals.

Cheryl’s SensiNzyme Treatment For Sensitive Skin

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This time around the head expert Mr. Presley Coelho analyzed my skin and recommended the SkinNzyme treatment for me since I have super sensitive skin along with some pigmentation problems. Cheryl’s SesnsiNzyme is an enzymatic treatment that instantly revitalizes and hydrates any sensitive skin within minutes of this session. The SensiNzyme box looks like this and it comes along with 7 different sachets plus an injection and a hydrating spray.

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I would recommend SensiNzyme for anyone who wants a glowing and an even skin tone and who would want to get rid of any patchy pigmentation. Cheryl’s SensiNzyme works its magic on the outer layer of your skin as it gently loosens the dead skin clusters and softly exfoliates your skin to give you a radiant glow. It also restores younger looking skin by stimulating collagen repair and cellular regeneration.

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Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals products combine the magic of nature and science to bring forth some exemplary results on your skin. The SensiNzyme treatment includes herbal ingredients like oat flour and green clay that tightens your pores and exfoliate the dead skin completely. These herbal ingredients also have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that retain the moisture levels and make your skin visibly softer and suppler.

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Post the treatment was over I could immediately see the difference in my skin and the best part about them is that the effects of the treatment lasts upto 21-30 days, which is commendable.

Apart from these two treatments Mr. Presley Coelho had also recommend the below products from Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals homecare range for me to use –

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1) SensiWash – Cheryl’s SensiWash is ideal for sensitive to oily skin since its light foaming technique will cleanse your face and retain moisture in just the right way. I have been using it twice daily and without fail this is been my ritual before I go to bed.

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2) SensiMoist – It consists peptides and ceramides that actually enhances the immunity of the epidermis and protects it from external environmental factors. I have been using this cream below my makeup and just before I hit the bed. It protects your pores from all the layer of makeup too.

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3) DermaShade SPF 30 sprayCheryl’s Dermashade Sunblock: As opposed to all the different sunscreen creams, the DermaShade SPF 30 is a lightweight spray. It is infused with vitamin C, pomegranate extracts, noni fruit extracts and tomato extracts. It is lightweight and it locks in moisture on your skin and prevents your skin from drying out and at the same time it provides a complete protection from the sunrays.

Hope you like my second treatment review with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals.

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  1. I have done this treatment , but m getting tan on my face again, so wt shud i do to remove dat tan?

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