My Most Trusted Pimple Prone Skin Care Essentials

Hello, my beauties. Past 2 months have been all about travel and exploration for me. While being on the go all the time, I have gotten some requests about my personal skin care solutions for oily skin and pimple prone skin. As many of you guys would already know, I fall in this same category of pimple prone, oily and sensitive skin type. But luckily for me, I have stumbled upon a great solution to battle pimple and oily skin both at once with which I have stuck by even during my travels. For skin woos like these I like to stick to natural and herbal remedies and 2 secret ingredients that have helped me battle the pimple prone skin are neem + multani mitti.

Our Ayurveda has the answers to age-old best-kept skin secrets and that’s exactly what I turn to. So, there you go ladies, for those of you enquiring about how to tackle a pimple prone skin, here is your solution. You don’t even need to go through the hassle of making the paste and mixing it since BoroPlus Zero Oil Zero Pimple Face Wash comes infused with both these ingredients. I first got introduced to this amazing product after my sister went through a phase of breakouts on her face and neck and she had switched over to BoroPlus Zero Oil Zero Pimple Face Wash which worked wonders for her. I tried it out when I had an episode of pimples breakout due to back to back shoots, travel, lack of sleep and of course pollution, I saw the difference in my skin within the first days itself and remember ladies, it is extremely important to give your skin the benefits of both neem and Multani mitti which is there in ZOZP Face Wash.

It has me all confident and happy since my skin is absolutely pimple free and there is a natural radiance on my skin. We girls take our skin so seriously and we should consider it is connected to how we feel and no girl, trust me no girl needs to go through the horrible feeling when pimples attack us. Because it attacks our self-esteem and confidence too. Been there, done that and glad to have found a reliable product that I can proudly say that I swear by.

Feels great to be pimple free, doesn’t it? I would say, give ZOZP Face Wash a try if you too are going through some of the same skin woos listed above. I am just happy to have to not worry about my pimples woos any more. Stay Sassy Chicas. 😊

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