Marico Launches A Wonder Product For Greying Hair – “True Roots”

Hey my Sassy Fam!! Thank you so much as always for sending my way so much love and affection and being as inquisitive as me about this newest launch by Marico. I was one of the select few bloggers to be a part of the launch of a true “Wonder Product” for greying hair or for early signs of greying called “True Roots” that was held in Mumbai recently.

Radhika Apte launched this Botanical Hair Tonic as she also shared her early signs of greys stories and how she tackled the same. We all are aware that there are so many products available in the market that help us cover grey hair, right from colouring options to root touch-ups, etc. But that tackles the problem only from the surface. There was not a single product available before True Roots that tackles the greying problem on a deeper level combining research with an exceptional botanical solution.

I mean, I still remember when my sister pointed out that I have two grey hair sticking out from the back of my head and the worst part was that I couldn’t see it for myself unless she brought it up. I was harrowed for sure and I hated how every time I cut my hair, within a week they used to stand out. :/ I know so many people who own the salt and pepper look but at the same time, I also know so many more who even refuse to leave their house if their greys aren’t covered. I mean, we should all have the option and the choice to tackle greys if it makes us unhappy, spoils our mood or worse depresses us. I know a friend who started thinking like she’s really old even after being in her 20’s since she started spotting too many greys. It also did take a mental toll on her to come to terms with this. It does get to a lot of us and it makes us worry and guess what, that extra tension makes way for some more greys. I am genuinely happy to see True Roots come forth with such an innovative solution to greying hair.

Just like I promised, I personally used the product for over 8 days now before I got down to reviewing it. I love that this product is aqua based, which makes it really light and non-sticky. Plus it comes with a spray, so all you need to do is apply it near your roots and gently massage it. That’s it!! You don’t even need to wash it, you can go about your day as you do usually. Within 90 days of using True Roots, it has been clinically proven and dermatologically tested, you will see no new greys popping up.

We also learnt at the event that while genetics do play a vital role in greys popping up at a certain age for all of us, what also matters is our sleep pattern, our diet, stress level, pollution, etc. But the scientific reason of greying is due to decreasing levels of melanin in the hair roots. Melanin is a natural pigment available that adds a dark colour to our hair. True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic works it’s magic by increasing the melanin levels in the hair roots and this is how you’ll see that the greying process is delayed. It comes infused with Apigenin derived from chamomile flowers and powerful botanical actives that are known to actively increase the melanin levels in the hair roots.

Also, I would like to say to all the gurls out there who follow me, grey hair should not worry you or bring you down, especially now that you have such an amazing product available at your disposal to tackle this issue on a deeper level. It’s about time we #FaceItSolveIt

I’m looking forward to continuing using this spray for complete 90 days now!!

Now for the important question. Where can you buy this product? It is exclusively available on Flipkart and you can shop it here –  True Roots Product

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  1. This product looks interesting, where can I get more information about it? Is there a website link?

  2. I am 45 Years Old Man. I have more than 50% grey hairs. Can I use TRUE ROOTS to get rid of grey hairs. Will it reverse my grey hair to its original colour (black colour) If so, how many days will it take to get rid of my grey hairs if used continuously. Please reply. Waiting for your reply (answer) Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Mandepanda, True Roots is all about preventing greying of hair. It is recommend to start using at an early age to help maintain natural hair colour. You should definitely try using it as it will prevent your remaining hair from greying and also help nourish your hair. Unfortunately it cant bring back your hair colour but will prevent further greying. It takes 45 – 90 days to start seeing the effects.

  3. So how to use it. Do we have to apply after dying our hair or is there any other method. I have lot of greys & i dye my hair twice a month & my haiir grows so fast within a fewdays grey roots appear. will this solve my problem pls help i am sick of this dying and want to extend as long as possible pls help me with real info.

    1. Hey Mahadevi, Yes it will delay hair greying from the roots and after 90 days of usage, you will see no new grey hair. I usually like to spray it on my damp hair and massage it onto my scalp. You can use it on dry hair as well and leave it on as it does not require washing. The texture is very lightweight. Also for dyeing your hair make sure to use an ammonia-free hair colour.

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