New “ATTITUDE” Range Launch By AMWAY India

In a time when we have ever-changing brand preferences, there’s one brand that has remained constant for me. Amway takes me way back to the time when I first came across some of the products. I eventually got to know of the diverse product portfolio of the brand that includes personal and home care. I personally know women who have worked with the brand and have become independent caretakers to their families. I think this stands testimony to Amway’s idea of improving lives and making the world a better place for more than two decades.

I have always considered Amway a one-stop shop for beauty, make-up and skin care and have used several of their products in the past. Hence, I was thrilled to be invited by them to be part of a one of a kind beauty Influencers meet-up where the brand showcased its beauty range of products called Attitude.

Finding a place with an Attitude:

I have wondered something for a long time: Is every woman fortunate enough to have her own voice? Is she considered equal to men by this society? Is she always able to be herself?

I recently had a chance to attend the event for Amway’s Attitude range of beauty products and these questions came back to me. Three television commercials gave us a glimpse of the idea behind the Attitude range.

The messaging for Attitude tells us to embrace our inner attitude in all circumstances. I found it to be very appealing and it is probably so for many modern Indian women who effortlessly smash stereotypes just by being themselves. I found that each lead character in the commercials perfectly represents the tagline “Don’t Limit My Attitude”.

The event had a masquerade ball theme and after we took off our masks, we were introduced to the amazing team that works tirelessly to bring some of the most sought-after products to us.

I personally love meeting the hard-working faces behind every product or brand as it gives me a better perspective on what goes on behind the scenes. We kicked off the event by watching the 3 television commercials. The message of being ourselves and going beyond stereotypes is quite close to my heart as I have been a speaker at 2 different events where I addressed this issue.

I have been subject to so many stereotypes and the message behind Attitude was a refreshing one. A switch from a Bollywood marketeer to an influencer has upset many who love to stereotype. But I have always believed in giving my best to whatever I do. You do you baby! This is exactly what the newly launched Attitude range by Amway stands for. #DontLimitMyAttitude

It was one of the most amazing launches that I have been a part of this year. The Attitude range consists of so many different products from makeup to skin care products like sunscreens, foot cream, face wash, toners, moisturisers and more.

I am particularly obsessed with the ‘travel kit set’ that consists of some of the cutest and portable lipsticks that are ideal for travel. The blushes and eyeshadow palettes are well pigmented with an awesome mix of shades.

The nail paint shades are also very vibrant and colourful. No matter what your mood is like, you will find a shade to suit your personality for sure. I started using the Attitude Face Wash for oily skin and my skin thanks me. Such gentle skin care products are a part of this Attitude range that you are going to love.

Make sure to catch all the action from this launch event on my Instagram video. I’m gonna end this blog by sending your way some positive vibes to go out there and turn your dream into a reality!

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