Althea’s New Launches From The Petal Velvet Range

Hello, my Sassy Fam!! You guys know how much I have been raving about Althea Korea’s recent launches. So when I heard that they are adding one new product to their “Petal Velvet Range” I was so excited for the launch. I finally got my hands on all 3 of their Petal Velvet Powders + their newly launched sunscreen “Petal Velvet Sunaway”. All these products can be exclusively shopped on

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Starting with the Petal Velvet Powders, they come in three variants :

  • The translucent #0 is a transparent setting powder which will set your makeup, make it shine free and also add a beautiful mattifying effect to your face.
  • The warm beige #23 powder can easily replace your compacts and can be used on darker skin tones as well. It also controls excess sebum production on your face.
  • The third “pink lavender” powder is a Limited Edition powder launched as Althea’s third anniversary special. This powder is ideal to brighten up your dull looking skin and even out your make-up.

All these powders contain Althea seed extract which is super rich in anti-oxidants that is known to keep your skin hydrated and protected. The super milled powder contains micro-particles and that’s exactly why the texture is so soft, smooth and 100% mattifying.  It also contains polyphenols which acts like a protective filter on your skin and protects it from harmful UV rays. Saponarin is also known to add elasticity to your skin. These powders do more than just set your make-up and these are blessings in disguise if you too have super sensitive and oily skin like me.

Now comes the recent addition to their Petal Velvet collection – Petal Velvet Sunaway launch. This is a one of a kind sunscreen and the most light-weight and non-sticky sunscreen I have used in a long time. It has an invisible finish and it works really well beneath my make-up too. It is so gentle on sensitive skin, has a velvety texture and the SPF 50+ P++++ keeps the skin protected and hydrated. Hands down one of my best sunscreens till date!!

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