Sugar Cosmetics Newest Arch Arrival Brow Definer Review

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Sugar Cosmetics has just launched their all-new Arch Arrival Brow Definer which comes in two shades that are perfect for the Indian skin tone. I tried and tested the product on myself so many times before I got down to reviewing it. I am a person who loves to always highlight her eyes and while I do that, brows play a very important role in defining them. Initially, when I was still getting the hang of using and trying different brow products, including gels, it was such a tedious job that I fret over it even now just thinking about it. But now thanks to so many different products available in the market, when you find the perfect brow definer for you, you just stick to it and make the most of it.

I have been struggling with finding the right shade for my brows for the longest time now and what I have been doing all this while is mixing up 2-3 shades to come to “The One” that compliments my skin tone. Especially in India, we face a real struggle when it comes to extra pale or extra dark skin. I know most of you will agree with me. It is such a PAIN!!! The Sugar Cosmetics Arch Arrival Brow Definer comes in :

01 Jerry Brown Shade for Medium to Dark Skin Tone

02 Taupe Tom Shade for Light to Medium Skin Tone


For my pale skin tone, the 02 Taupe Tom shade (light grey brown) works like magic and trust me, I do not need to mix up any shade after I apply this one. This brow definer comes with its own spooley on the other side, which is very handy and convenient during travel. After I apply the shade on my brows and fill them in, I use the spooley to tame my hair and fix them firmly over my brow area.

Check out the sleek packaging and easy twist and turn design that makes it so much easy to use and is great for beginners too. You can go from natural looking brows to full on glam in a jiffy with this Arch Arrival Brow Definer by Sugar Cosmetics. The triangular slant makes it ideal to trace the outline that matches your brow line exactly the way you would want to. If you prefer your brows to be fully defined then ensure to use the pointed tip to carve out the edges and to fill in, use the flat surface.

Wanna know the main USP of this brow definer?? It lasts for almost 12 hours and it has a waterproof formula that ensures this doesn’t budge till you take your make-up off. Plus, like all their other products, this one too is free of mineral oil, preservatives, parabens & paraffin.

Time for some BROW-MANCE!!

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