3 Ingredients Only Healthy Cupcakes

Living a blogger and a traveller’s life, which leads to being always on the run isn’t that easy. At times I so wish that cooking didn’t take so much time and some easy peasy yet yummilicious dishes could be whipped up within minutes. That very fact called out for many trial and error sessions wherein I tried my hand at atleast 15 ingredients to finally arrive upon this one dish that is healthy & nutritious.My own cupcakes sweet dish recipe and the best part is that this recipe needs ONLY 3 ingredients. That’s all!!

Healthy Cupcakes (2)

So here is how the quick recipe for these Healty Cupcakes goes. You will need :

6 Small bananas

1 Egg

Tinned Blueberries

Healthy Cupcakes (4)

Mix the bananas and egg with a fork. Make sure to cut the bananas into small pieces so that it is easier to mix in. You don’t need a blender for this as the small chunks of bananas add in their own taste. After you get a smooth paste, place a small spoonful of the tinned blueberries onto the cupcakes tray. Those of you, who would love to experiment, can place any other tinned fruit of fresh fruit as well instead of the blueberries. I tried few with choco chips as well. All you need to do is place just a few in the cupcakes tray and then pour the mixture on top of it. As it bakes, the blueberries or the choco-chips burst and get mixed with the banana flavours to add some natural sweetness. This is my dessert recipe with a twist as it is a cupcake recipe that doesn’t include sugar, maida or butter. 3 ingredients Cupcake recipe, that has a burst of some natural flavour at the bottom. Easy to pack and carry for those long days where you need a burst of energy in your bag. It took exactly 20 minutes to make that includes the 15 minutes baking time.

Healthy Cupcakes (3)

You can eat these Banana Cupcakes with some custard sauce or with whipped cream for that extra sweetness. Say hello to the newest babies on the block!!!

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