4 Must Have Blush Colors

Blush is important any time of the year—for some of us, it’s the only thing standing between a healthy flush and total dried up face—but with summer on the horizon, it’s more crucial than ever. The tactical part being, the same colour can cause different effects on different faces and it […]



The minute you don any shade of “Red”, they can hate you or love you but they won’t be able to ignore you for sure. I’m so tired of everyone around associating the colour red with romance or valentines. It is so much more than that. It is the epitome […]

Dare to Flare


My ideal hairdo for getting ready in no time, is a low tied bun with an addition of a dainty little hairband pulling back my bangs from my face. Especially during this scorching heat, we ladies know the simple pleasures it grants us. Also not to forget, it adds to […]

Kristen Bell’s 7 day pledge!!

Neutrogena’s latest brand ambassador and a feisty, sparkly personality – Kristen Bell has partnered with Neutrogena Naturals, to quit washing her face for seven days only to call attention to the water conservation efforts all across. This beauty caught my eye especially with her remarkable performances in forgetting Sarah Marshall, […]


My ideal look for any occasion, especially the long hours of work or play must have breathable and comfy fabrics. This is super crucial during Mumbai summers as it can get pretty toasty. What comfier way than to opt for the best pick this summer – HAREM pants. Recently, we’ve […]